This is my project I finally completed, “Cryptozoology.” The monster I chose was a Plesiosaur, which is kinda like the Loch Ness monster, but more dangerous. It took a while to sketch this monster with the pen tool. When I began coloring my monster, I had found the second image (which I had liked) and started color in different parts differently. Instead of having mostly white for the bottom part of the body, I had chose colors from near the stomach. In my research, I found out that the Plesiosaur was very common back in the Jurassic Age. It was a marine reptile that had flippers and ranged from 8 to 46 feet long.


What I Have So Far for Cryptozoology!


I finally got  to start coloring my Plesiosaur! I have to fix a couple of items on the Plesiosaur from the Pen tool because it messed up and won’t go back to normal. The picture I have below is a reference for colors that I’m choosing for the Plesiosaur.

An Out of This World Halloween

An-Out-of-This-World-HalloweenAn Out of This World Halloween Sketch

This is my project, “An Out of This World Halloween.” After contemplating which planet and which monster I should do, I chose a vampire, more known as “Dracula,” and I chose Venus as my planet for this project. Venus was probably the worst choice for a vampire that could burn up, but I had a good idea for what to do. When I had first started this project, the hardest thing to deal with would probably be the color swatches. I learned how to use the color swatches after I became frustrated over a color I didn’t need for this project. I also learned that Venus, is so to say, the hottest planet in our solar system. When I created Venus, it kinda looks like Mars, but that was not my idea. An idea I had for my monster was that the vampire could absorb heat with the smoke cloud surrounding him. I decided not to give my monster hair after the idea I had turned out bad. I was hoping when I was first creating my image, that it would be quicker than I thought. When I first started making the body of the vampire, it was complicated and took me about one week or more to create the vampire. The coloring was complicated as well since I had to make my own original monster. I also gave my monster, a goldish color to its eyes to make it pop out from the whole body.

What grade I would give this project, A. It worked very hard and in the end I feel like it was one of my favorite projects to make. Illustrator probably is my favorite program since I like making things with the different ellipse tools or curve tools.