Game Modification Assignment

Game Modification Plan
1. Re-write the main goal of the game.
2. Describe how you would improve the game. Be as specific as possible!
3. List three reasons why your ideas may not have been implemented by the original designers.
4. List three reasons why you think players would like your changes.
5. List three reasons why these changes would be difficult to implement.

1. What I would change to be the new main goal of the game, would be that you have to collect different candies from each level. If you don’t collect the amount of different candies, you lose!

2.  I would improve the game by having instead of five lives for the game, you could have ten lives. There wouldn’t be a score. You just have to collect different colored candies. There is a limited amount of moves though. In the beginning, it would start with a high amount of moves for each level, but once it gets harder and harder, there would be less moves. There wouldn’t be that creepy voice that says, “Delicious!” or “Tasty!” It would just show it, I guess. Also, once you get to higher levels, there could be new characters! They would have different rewards for you once you complete a level!

3. One reason why my ideas may not have been agreed with the company could be because of the company, King, wanting more money. The more people play their games and lose levels, they may want to buy more lives. Having ten lives wouldn’t make people as frustrated as they are now. The collecting candies idea may not have been agreed with because there is already many games like that. One final idea may not have been implemented could be the characters because they already have chests that give out rewards.

4. I’ve seen review online about Candy Crush. Many players complain about how many lives there is and how there needs to be more. The collecting candies idea could have been very popular for Candy Crush since there is many popular games like that. If characters gave out rewards, players would love double the rewards!

5. If Candy Crush had to start doing the lives, if could have them lose a tiny bit of money because many peoples buy more lives. If there was a collecting candies idea, Candy Crush would have to change everything. If characters gave out rewards as well as chests did, then people wouldn’t buy more of their boosters.

Game Modification Task Sheet:
1. Provide a detailed overview of the object of the game.
2. List 3 or more things you like about the game. Why?
3. List 3 or more things you do not like about the game. Why?
4. List 3 or more reasons why you think the game you are reviewing is successful.
5. What platform is used to play the game?

1. The main objection of the game is to earn a specific score number with a certain amount of moves. For example, if the score I need to get is 4000 and I only have 15 moves, I’d have to connect 3 of the same candy in a row repeatedly. It can’t be diagonal. Other smaller objectives for the game are clearing jellies or bringing certain ingredients to the bottom of the game.

2. First of all, I really like the graphics. It reminds me of a “Candyland” board game that I used to play when I was younger. Second, I also like how there’s rewards sometimes. If you reach a chest, you get free rewards. Finally, I really like the challenges that the game has. “Clear all the jelly squares!” “Bring the fruit ingredients to the bottom!”

3. One thing I do not like about the game would be the music. It sounds so dreary to me. Even though a lot of people mute it. Another thing I dislike is how many lives there is. If you fail a level, you lose a life. There is only five lives. The last thing I dislike about the game would have to be how many moves you have per level.

4. I think this game is successful since many millions of people have played this and once they start and lose lives, they have to sometimes buy more lives. Which may be a reason why it’s so successful. Another reason would be that it’s very similar to the game, Bejeweled. The final reason would be the amazing challenges per level.

5. The platforms are iOS, Android, and Browser.

Quality of Response: Proficient
Modification Plan: Proficient
Creativity: Proficient
Mechanics: Proficient
Spelling: Proficient
Grammar: Distinguished
Punctuation: Distinguished