Boot Camp

My opinion on copyright is that it works well with movies and books. The directors or authors, or people who made their own things get copyright on their things, which means that no one can ever copy it or steal it. On Youtube, there is also copyright. If someone tries to steal a video someone else had created, Youtube takes down the video from other people seeing it. Downloading music illegally is also a part of stealing things. Music can be illegally downloaded from computers to phone and people can listen to it for free. If people do that, they can get arrested for doing just one simple thing. As I said before, there is copyright laws because it’s not right for people to steal other people’s things that they have created or own. If nobody had respected the copyright laws, there would be millions of people stealing things just so they can get what they want.

Alternative Uses Test:
A cup stand (so water doesn’t get on wood or on table from condensation)
A fan (if you get hot from being outside, you could fan yourself so you won’t get that dehydrated)
A sweeper (if you have crumbs on a table, you can sweep it off with the crumbs and put it in the trash)
A bookmark (just so you don’t lose a spot in any of your books)

A weight (if it’s a big hourglass, you can maybe use it to workout)
A game (for a guessing game, if you run out of time)
A weight stand (to hold papers down so that they don’t fall of a table or a desk)

Target and arrow:
For darts (playing a game, you can throw the arrows onto the target)
Hypnotizing game (for an illusion or even to confuse someone)
A frisbee game (you can throw the target and whoever gets it the farthest away, puts the arrow down in their spot)

A buoy:
A big necklace
A hat
Game with dog (throw the buoy and the dog can get it and bring it back)
Decoration in home

A game controller:
A lasso
A weight holder (so a balloon wouldn’t float away)

Divergence Test: