Morph Bounce Project

This was a fun project. I would consider doing it again. It took a lot of time from me, but it was worth it in the end. I had problems with having the circle bounce and having it change into a square. Those were simple problems once I figured it out. I should have used my own colors to get what I wanted, but it’s okay. When I was doing the explosion, I got stuck. Some of the lines would move someplace else & that frustrated me. I rewatched parts of the videos, then figured it out.












El Guapo

el guapo ad

Here is my El Guapo ad. At first, it was hard to do, but it soon became easy. I loved making my label, since I wanted to something simplistic. Making the label warp was kinda hard. Puppet warp was the only thing working for me, so I just used that. This project was fun. Although it took a month, it was nice.

Pixar Timeline

disney timelinedisney timelinedisney timelinedisney timelinedisney timeline

(You can read this up and down. In that order. For example, Toy Story, then A Bug’s Life, then Toy Story 2, and so on.)

I really liked this project. Pixar is such an amazing company that makes amazing films. I love most of them except Cars 2. Finding recent images for the background of these films was kinda hard. Finding a picture for Coco, a movie about Dia de los Muertos, was difficult since it’s not out yet. I just used one of the concept pictures for the movie. I hated it when I would put a picture on Illustrator and then it would come out blurry-ish.

This was a good project though. It just took a lot of my time out. Coming up with a creative design for this project was easy and troubling. Many people in my class had sort of similar ideas, putting symbols or characters next to each of the titles. I wanted to be different so I had pictures kinda behind the description.

I’d do this again. I mean it’s not the worst project to do. There’s been worse (in my opinion). I’d give my project a B maybe. It has some effort, but there also isn’t a lot of it.














Tiny Ninjas/Tiny Teletubbies


This is my Tiny Ninjas project, actually, I should call it Tiny Teletubbies. I based my idea off of the show, Teletubbies. I didn’t want to use any ninja weapons for these characters so I just made it look like they’re about to fight or stand their ground. Something like that.

Pros of this project: Got to work on Illustrator a bit more than last year so this project actually showed me certain things I know now.

Cons of this project: At first, I had the teletubbies with no stroke on the outside of their character and now they do. It’s kinda needed to have the stroke & it just doesn’t flow with me.

I really like the background. The foreground isn’t my favorite because I didn’t add much detail to it. I was going to add another one of the Teletubby characters, but I didn’t have much time. I did make the baby sun though. It kinda creeps me out, but it still looks okay. I mean it kinda looks like the devil and not a baby sun, but I mean, it’s still a sun.

My favorite part of this project had to be using pathfinder on the teletubbies. To make their little symbols on their heads, I mostly just used pathfinder. The purple teletubby was kinda hard to do since it was an isosceles triangle. Other than that, everything else was okay. I’d probably give myself a B for this project since I did okay on the most part.

Fuel Grand Opening


This is my Fuel Grand Opening poster! I don’t think it’s the best poster ever, but I think I did pretty good. I mean, some parts look okay, like the text. The text font is pretty good but the blackish color on the outside border and the white text on the orange triangle thing looks fine. I like the picture kinda going over the triangle. I guess it looks good. I also like how the fuel logo kinda matches with the coffee shop picture. I’d say I did pretty average on this project.

Vintage Boxing Poster


This is my boxing poster! In my opinion, I think it’s not that good. When I started this, I was slow and that was a total mistake. I should have gone fast with this project and I was just a slowpoke. I feel like when I was working on Big Time Rush and then the Jonas Brothers, I was just bored. I got off focus sometimes and that was a problem. Doing this in Photoshop was also a mistake. I should have done this in InDesign other than Photoshop. I mean, the font is kinda retro and has some sort of vintage look to it and the opacity that I put on kinda made it look old-ish. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m the best at this, but maybe I’m not the worst. I feel like I could have done better on this project if I focused and had a lot more time. The color scheme is also good, but again, I could have done better with this.