Pixar Timeline

disney timelinedisney timelinedisney timelinedisney timelinedisney timeline

(You can read this up and down. In that order. For example, Toy Story, then A Bug’s Life, then Toy Story 2, and so on.)

I really liked this project. Pixar is such an amazing company that makes amazing films. I love most of them except Cars 2. Finding recent images for the background of these films was kinda hard. Finding a picture for Coco, a movie about Dia de los Muertos, was difficult since it’s not out yet. I just used one of the concept pictures for the movie. I hated it when I would put a picture on Illustrator and then it would come out blurry-ish.

This was a good project though. It just took a lot of my time out. Coming up with a creative design for this project was easy and troubling. Many people in my class had sort of similar ideas, putting symbols or characters next to each of the titles. I wanted to be different so I had pictures kinda behind the description.

I’d do this again. I mean it’s not the worst project to do. There’s been worse (in my opinion). I’d give my project a B maybe. It has some effort, but there also isn’t a lot of it.















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