Tiny Ninjas/Tiny Teletubbies


This is my Tiny Ninjas project, actually, I should call it Tiny Teletubbies. I based my idea off of the show, Teletubbies. I didn’t want to use any ninja weapons for these characters so I just made it look like they’re about to fight or stand their ground. Something like that.

Pros of this project: Got to work on Illustrator a bit more than last year so this project actually showed me certain things I know now.

Cons of this project: At first, I had the teletubbies with no stroke on the outside of their character and now they do. It’s kinda needed to have the stroke & it just doesn’t flow with me.

I really like the background. The foreground isn’t my favorite because I didn’t add much detail to it. I was going to add another one of the Teletubby characters, but I didn’t have much time. I did make the baby sun though. It kinda creeps me out, but it still looks okay. I mean it kinda looks like the devil and not a baby sun, but I mean, it’s still a sun.

My favorite part of this project had to be using pathfinder on the teletubbies. To make their little symbols on their heads, I mostly just used pathfinder. The purple teletubby was kinda hard to do since it was an isosceles triangle. Other than that, everything else was okay. I’d probably give myself a B for this project since I did okay on the most part.


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