Vintage Boxing Poster


This is my boxing poster! In my opinion, I think it’s not that good. When I started this, I was slow and that was a total mistake. I should have gone fast with this project and I was just a slowpoke. I feel like when I was working on Big Time Rush and then the Jonas Brothers, I was just bored. I got off focus sometimes and that was a problem. Doing this in Photoshop was also a mistake. I should have done this in InDesign other than Photoshop. I mean, the font is kinda retro and has some sort of vintage look to it and the opacity that I put on kinda made it look old-ish. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m the best at this, but maybe I’m not the worst. I feel like I could have done better on this project if I focused and had a lot more time. The color scheme is also good, but again, I could have done better with this.













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