My Custom Vehicle – Red Rover 500




For my custom vehicle, I created it through many different ideas. I first had in mind, a giant car with small wheels and wings, but then the idea of the car didn’t seem normal. It seemed too much or something that I couldn’t make. I wanted my car to be a normal as it could be. First of all, I started with my white Jeep. I started to add the futuristic car’s wheels (the car in the middle) and it started to look good. I then added the red Jeep’s lights to make it look like a Jeep, but more normal looking. I then added a license plate to the front from another car and changed the size and angle it was at. Finally, I added a Mustang’s red front lights (the red part) to make it seem different/normal looking. I thought about adding red to the white car because I thought it would different from other cars. After that, I put a background there and added a gradient filling. I soon named my car, Red Rover 500.



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