Eddie the Donkey


In the mission Eddie the donkey, I learned many new things. I learned how to do a selection and how to use the magnetic and polygonal lasso on the barn. I found out new things about the hue/saturation property scale which I had never known before. When I put Eddie the donkey and the barn on the field, I re-sized it and changed the grass’s background to a duller and more rusty color. I also blended Eddie’s rear end into the barn with the brush. When I was shaping Eddie, I learned about the Magic Wand tool and it made things easier to do.


In the mastery mission, I had changed the red barn and sky’s color to a much brighter color. Before in this background, the sky was very dull looking and so was the barn. I enhanced the hue/saturation to make the saturation a little more positive and the hue negative. I re-sized Eddie and got rid of some white spots around his body.

Grade A: You gave it your all, you tried your best.



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