True Colors


I am in search of myself.
I need to be unique.
I must be true to myself.
I look for symbolism.
I value close relationships.
I encourage expression.
I desire quality time with loved ones.
I need opportunities to be creative.
I compromise and cooperate.
I nurture people, plants and animals.
I look beyond the surface.
I share emotions.
I make decisions based on feelings.
I need harmony.
I am adaptable.
I am drawn to literature.
I am drawn to nurturing careers.
I get involved in causes.
I am committed to ideals.
I bring unity to society.

I learned that I am most of these. I have tried this exercise and gotten the same color. I thought the exercise was fun and nice.  I got to learn what my true color was. Even though I tried this before, I still like the idea of finding your own true color. You get to know who you really are.

Grade: A; You Gave It Your All, You tried your best.


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