An Image of Form

One of the forms in this logo is juxtaposition. The color Domemart is blue and the symbol next to it is yellow. Top and bottom is also used. Many people read things from top to bottom so people would read first, “Domemart.” The top part is important information people read first. After reading Domemart, they would read, “Save money. Live another day.” Left to right is also used in this. The people would most likely read the blue text first then look at the yellow. The left sides is greater importance. The color blue symbolizes confidence or intelligence. The color blue slows down the human metabolism and produces a calming effect to the person. The color yellow symbolizes joy or happiness. It evokes cheerful feelings. The first thing that pops out to many people is the yellow star/symbol. There is also vertical lines in this logo which are used for a sense of elegance and stability.

Grade: A; You Gave it Your All. You tried your best.


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