5 Examples of Graphic Design

One example of graphic design is designing a desk. A desk is designed for someone to do their work on. It has a four legs like a table to keep it up. Some desks have drawers so you can hold things in like a sketchbook or a couple of pencils. The designers made the desk the color brown because it is a simple color like wood or it could represent nature.


Another example of graphic design is social media such as Twitter. The application lets users say want they want to say as in freedom of speech. The Twitter logo color was blue to represent loyalty and wisdom. It makes people want to get the application and the bird could represents a bird (obviously) to let it fly free like freedom of speech.


A clock shows people what time it is. It has numbers and lines in between the numbers so people can know if it is so to say, 11:29 or so. Black and white is neutral and won’t bore the person who bought it or has it. The color black represents the opposite of positive, negative. The color white represents positive. It could be the same as yin-yang.


A computer lets people do many things on it. People can search things on the internet or play games. It has a keyboard to let people type easily instead of talking or doing other hard things. It has a CD holder things so people can put a disc inside and watch a movie or play an old PC game.


The last example of graphic design is a drink. Coca-Cola is a soda pop drink which many people in America love. The color red represents hunger. The color white represents innocence or perfection. Most of Coca-Cola’s items are in a soda can or in a soda bottle.

Grade: A; You Gave it Your All. You tried your best.


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