Colony on Mars

As a new astronaut for the ACAD rocket, I had to be in a Colony on Mars. The colonies were a team of older and younger astronauts working together. It was different. Nothing I ever expected before. There were six colonies; Atlas, Ceres, Copia, Fortuna, Vesta, and Virtus. I was in a dark room and a couple of lights were on. It wasn’t fun being in a room alone. You didn’t know what could happen.

There was a table and only one chair, probably for me. The chair was metal, like one of the chairs people would be sitting in for interrogation. On the table, there were headphones plugged into a device. There was also a piece of paper with procedures on it. I decided to read the procedures because it could be how I find out what colony I am in.

1. Put on the headphones in front of you.
2. Press play on the device. 

It was simple instructions. I plugged the headphones in and pressed play on the device. Someone started speaking in a monotone voice.

You have been selected into the colony of Fortuna. Fortuna was the colony I was selected in. It surprised me.
I walked out of the room, excited because I now was heading to Mars.

Grade: A; You Gave it Your All. You tried your best.


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